Client Testimonials

"Digital Horizons has been an integral part in creating the vision of Triniquotes. They have gone far beyond what was expected and steered us in the right direction to be successful. They are very professional in their approach and have given guidance each step of the way ensuring that the job is done to full satisfaction.

I must also re-iterate that they have displayed extreme patience and commitment to this project."

Marvin N Marcelle, Director
Triniquotes Ltd
Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago

Our Strengths

Experience and Expertise

We have an experienced team with expertise in developing and designing creative websites, customising applications, and blending technologies to drive the marketing and sales message. We are up to date with the new trends in technology and online marketing to provide high standard solutions to our clients.

Quality Standards

We maintain 3Q standards for Quality Assurance: Quality Personnel, Quality Process and Quality Communication. We follow automated and manual testing methods to maintain stringent quality, before the final delivery and launch of the website. This helps us deliver high quality websites and online marketing services to our clients. Mixing web Technologies and Digital media has helped us to innovate and produce high quality website designs and online marketing services. Some examples of our Quality standards are:
  • Data Footprint: Compact XHTML, CSS, JPEG, GIF, PNG, JS, XML, etc.
  • Image Quality: No artifacts, excellent composition, transparency, animation
  • User Interface: Unobtrusive, Sleek, Easy to Use, Well Designed, Fun to Use
  • User Experience: Compelling, Visual, Fast Loading (even via Modem)
  • SEO: Optimized Content, Correct Tags/Links, XHTML+CSS, SMO/SMM
  • Client Objectives: Accomplish these along with the above and Q is A.

Creativity and innovation

We love to think Out of the Box and are passionate about delivering the best marketing solutions which are innovative and creatively address the client's unique situation. Our focus is always on understanding the market demand, then working to improve and implement derived insights for excellent results.

The TRIZ approach (powerful methodology for creative problem solving) makes us to be creative and provide the solutions for the next generation client. All websites developed by us will have the following characteristics:
  • Content: rich, attractive, well organized and yet simple.
  • Legitimacy: original, trust worthy, direct, credits.
  • Structure: comfortable, user-friendly, intuitive, safe.
  • Interactive: feedback, comments, contacts and social media.
  • Accessibility: people, colors, appliances, standards.
  • Technology: streaming, instant, speed, robust.


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