Conversion Value Maximisation (CVM)

The process of rearranging the products and services on a website, to increase the cart value and providing the options to recommend related products/services to customers to help them to get more value.

What we do in CVM?

Analysis: We will analyse your business market; competitors, current market trends, your official website, purchase history, customer behaviour and Demographics and then we will research your consumer psychology and target segments to implement marketing.

Conversion Value Maximisation

Segmentation: Based on the consumers behaviour on your site and past sales history we will provide a segmentation of your customers and then re-market the products and services to each segment of your customer base according to their needs.

Re-arrangement: Reduce number of clicks and provide easy purchase options. Make the website user friendly to help users to find what they want.

Micromarketing: The principle of micromarketing allows us to segment your customers into specialised groups and market to them with offers and material specific to their interests.

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