7 Tips to create an effective Call to Action in your Social Media Campaign

So, you have successfully run a Social Media Campaign, there is a significant increase in the Web-traffic. Are the visitors getting converted into leads or the visitors clicking anything at all and going to the next stage of engagement?


Google launches new inbox, introduces new features on Gmail

The Google's video "Meet Gmail's new inbox" received about 553351 views on Youtube in just 1 day. If you Google "Gmail" in the News section you will realise that a truly (r)evolutionary Interface is being launched by Google in its Gmail in a week's time. Google rocks again!


7 Hashtags for #SEO and How to Use Them

Hashtags are one of the best ways to get a message (tweet) across to the target audience. By appending a relevant #Hashtag, Brands can improve the likelihood of reaching a potential customer. For an average Twitter user who is looking for a relevant information Hashtag is the equivalent of a Keyword used in Google Search. Just like how one searches for information on Google using a Keyword, one searches for relevant tweets using a #Hashtag on a Twitter search engine.


Google Now is for Business Now

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems. Google Now uses a natural language UI to answer questions and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services. Since Google Now is based upon Predictive Analytics, it also passively delivers information to the user that it predicts they will want, based on their search habits.


Biggest Problems Prevent You from Being Successful at Paid Search

As we all know to get organic search results for highly competitive keywords will take some time. When we implement a paid search strategy to get high visibility in paid search results to get some business initially some organisations will face few problems to get success in paid search.


Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business development

Social media has resolved a problem that has challenged marketers and sales professionals for years - the availability of accurate named profiles of people. The internet has always prided itself on being democratic and offering anonymity.


Generate Leads with New YouTube Design

People like visual content more. As saying goes "The more you see, the more you know." So, we need to apply the science of communication to the communication of science. The new YouTube design allows you to generate leads and grow your business easily. Check out what you need to do and how you can do it easily here.


Google+ Rolls Out Design Changes: Here's What's New

Google plus rolled out its cover photo dimensions to max of 2120x1192px. It has also added some new features for redesigned the timeline. Google+ Product Manager +Sara McKinley has updated about these changes in her posts from San Francisco.


How to Use Twitters Vine for Brands

Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post on Vine appear on your profile and are shared with your followers. You can also share them instantly on Twitter and Facebook.


Top 30 Questions You need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Agency?

  1. How long ago did you start using social media and why?
    The answer you can expect is early or quickly adopted it later and updated to current trends and new techniques. The purpose will be to build the brand and reach target audience, provide Customer service, build relationship, maintain reputation etc..

How to Find Business People Skype Contacts

Now you can connect with business people and other users on Skype easily.

Would you like to connect with business people on skype? Are you worrying about how to find and reach the target audience? Don't worry I have come up with best plan. I have found few best sites where you can connect to your target audience easily.


Best Free Tools for Content Creators and TIPS to Manage Your Tasks and Projects

If you are new to content writing field or becoming on expert you need these tools to improve your work process. I am listing some of the best tools which help to complete your tasks and manage your projects easily.


Best Practices for Effective E-mail Communication

You should not use public email ID, Use Personal email ID to get best responses

Keep short and summarised subject line for your email. Make sure it is specific for the description and email should differentiate your company.


How to Design an Effective PPC Campaign?

  1. Analyse about the present and past performance of the site.

    Carry out a research on your website and measure the performance of the website by comparing the present and past traffic records. When you create a website please install web analytics to track all the details. Get previous sales reports and analyse the type of users and from where they are coming. It helps to create a campaign for new customers to acquire. Analyse present health of your website and make a report.

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