January 9, 2013, Issue #16

10 TIPS for Facebook Fan Engagement

Why engage? How it helps?

You may have created best facebook page for your organisation but if you are not managing properly then it's of no use. Create strategies that work. If you are really looking to generate revenue from social media then please consider the following factors.

Understand that Content is King:
  • Send survey to your existing clients and to your target audience to find out their interest about your industry.
  • Focus on your target audience interests on a particular demography.
  • Create Visual content related to your brand, product, service or industry trend in the form of image or video and share it.
  • Get feedback and ask questions through different social media channels including facebook and analyse; to calculate how many people like to know about a particular topic.
  • Create content on maximum % of people's interests topic to increase fan engagement and increase loyalty towards your brand.
  • Share links along with your visual content to drive traffic to your website.
Stay familiar: On Social Media, "Familiarity doesn't breed contempt!!" Instead, "Familiarity breeds affection!!"

If you say something to your fans that should sound like familiar and easy to understand. Don't try to re-invent something to explain the exciting one. Don't post the same content from your website/blog every time. Do create an album and build a story in visuals about your industry trending topic. Then divide that story in to parts and update it on weekly basis. Add one part per week to that album and create anticipation.

Offer Fans Only content: Create applications/FBML tabs to provide fans only content. Give access to your fans to play contests, to get exclusive offers, gifts, discount coupons, payback points, freebies and other resources.

Keep it fresh: As we all know facebook is a dynamic platform. People will expect new content always. It is Brand's responsibility to keep them interested ALWAYS by offering content on Trending topics, Images, Videos and Polls etc. This will drive traffic to your page, custom tabs and also to your brand website.

Offer promotions and Giveaways: Create content, promotions and limited period offers so that people will love to re-visit those tabs and your page. Add a digital time clock which shows expiring time of the special offer, this makes user to action on your page immediately.

Engage: Respond to your user comments and make them feel special for receiving reply from a brand for their comment. Answer user queries, interact with them help them to get what they want, solve their problems; participate in users conversation using a real name representing as a brand ambassador. Use Facebook Socialize web plugins and integrate in website and custom tabs to increase the user interaction with brand and produce user generated content [UGC].

Let Users Guide Content (UGC): As I said above UGC will create a really good impression on the brand, which also increases the interaction between fans and friends. This helps to build a strong relationship between them and with the brand. Ask your fans to create and post content which they like to see on your brand page. Allow fans to direct your facebook page content strategy and test how it works out.

Set Engagement Goals: Ultimately your fans are your target audience and customers allow them to know what your brand goals are exactly; explain them what your brand wants to achieve. Naturally they will take action to help you to achieve those goals. Encourage your fans to participate in this marketing challenge and THANK them for their time and effort. Also provide gifts for best of them.

Know your timing and length: Time is valuable thing; your posts should match with user availability timing. Find out when your fans will be online. Schedule posts for the same time to get maximum reach. According to the survey 9AM, 12PM and 4PM is the best time and Wednesdays and Sundays are the best days to post. Make 3 - 4 Quality posts per day with 80 characters or less to get higher reach and engagement. Ask questions, polls and fill in the blank type queries to get higher interactions.

Create a Community and join Groups: Create a group and invite your fans to join. Share, knowledge and discuss about your industry, create survey, analyse and find out what your target audience is saying about you. Join relevant groups and explore what happening in your industry.

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