December 12, 2012, Issue #12

Best Content Discovery Tools and Platforms that You Cannot Ignore

Contentdj: It helps you identify quality content and publish to social media sites. Effortlessly. Its proprietary algorithm helps you sort content based on freshness and quality. Easily identify quality content.

Yahoo Pipes: Powerful structure tool to get content which is comprehensive, influence, and mashup from around the web. Just by using simple guidelines you can combine different content types to create output that meets your needs. You can follow this Guide to know more about this. I found 100 best videos to learn more about this tool.

Google Reader: One of the best tool to get updates about updated trends from around the web

Stumbleupon: It is one of the best Internet community allows users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It recommends best content of your interest.

Scoop.it: One of the best content curation platforms actually pass PageRank. It helps you to filter the content to your target niche and enables you to search what's relevant to your topic. Click here to read this comprehensive guide.

Storify: You can see the best information that people are posting on social media, blogs, videos, images etc... and create your own stories based on that.

Pearltrees: Every time when you browse the web you will find amazing content some time, the best way to keep all of them which are interests to you is through pearltrees. Collect, organize, share and discover to build your profile to cultivate your interests.

Bundlr: You can create topic pages with photos, videos, tweets and documents and then share them with everyone. Simple and easy to collaborate the content. Here is an example you can watch.

Bagtheweb: It helps you to curate Web content. For any topic, you can create a "bag" to collect, publish, and share any content from the Web. You can create bag, social blogging, link bags and webpages to explore and share with audience in your web. Take a tour to learn more about this.

Curationsoft: Discover, review, and curate content from Google Blog Search, YouTube, Twitter, Google News, Flickr and any RSS Feed you want. You can get the better results at less time. Check out more information about Curationsoft here.

Some other tools also worth checking for content curation are here

All types of news and content curation tools, universe real time news curation, news mastering tools to aggregate filter edit curate and distribute any type of content are arranged here please take a look at these tools chart.

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