January 23, 2013, Issue #18

Best Free Tools for Content Creators and TIPS to Manage Your Tasks and Projects

If you are new to content writing field or becoming on expert you need these tools to improve your work process. I am listing some of the best tools which help to complete your tasks and manage your projects easily.

Bitrix24: A new collaboration solution for amplifying productive interaction inside companies. You can do social communications, tasks & projects management, share files & documents, planning, time management and CRM integration with your website and lot more things using this free tool.

Flockler: Create content for iphone, ipad & desktops 5 easy and simple steps.

Muckrack: The destination for journalists, use these tool for finding twitter and social media profiles of journalists. Now twitter is the main newsroom to get updates and spread news.

Openatrium: Get each and everything of internet in one box. This free tool is really awesome for content writers and bloggers. Learn more from this link. Please watch the videos given bellow to understand the feature.

Lissted: Build relation with media in modern way, with the help of 18k+ dynamic twitter contacts. You can setup your preferences and get email updates about others tweets. Take advantage of your twitter to develop media relations.

Little Bird: Discover your social influencers by connecting with experts and building influence to create awareness and grow your brand. Content creators can research and compare to analyse the trends, expert views, predictions and thoughts on different industries.

Freebooksifter: Find free e-books for Kindle on amazon.com to get more knowledge in your interests and become expertise.

Webpagetest: Free website to test the analytical, visual comparison, mobile and trace route statistics of any website and compare the sites to understand and create remarkable content which drives the market.

Paymo: Cloud based solution of businesses and freelancers to manage projects and track time for each task to invoice them properly.

Toggl: Last but not least. This is one of the best web based time tracking tool and my favourite one to track time spent on each task. You will get web, desktop and mobile versions to use easily as you wish.

If you know any best tools please share with everyone in comments.

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