October 10, 2012, Issue #3

Best Practices for Attracting Visitors to Your Website Home Page.

Your home page is the main place to get conversions and letting the user to make his decision to browse further or not.

Is your website getting enough traffic and you are not getting any conversions?
Please optimize your home page for users to take action(s) and create interest about your products and services. Mention an offer details and let them click and go through in your inner pages. Offer some valuable information so they provide their email and contact information. Mention Privacy statement saying that you are not going to share the contact information and misuse it. Provide information which is useful for your customers.

Do you have social media links and newsletter signup option in your home page?
If a customer visit your page and he is willing to find out your social activity and social relationships to get enough trust and interested to know more about your brand or services then he should get any difficulty to find social media tabs and signup for the updates. Once customer gets enough information then he likes to contact you for further business enquiries.

Have you provided a nice presentation with tag lines that impress users to take action?
Concentrate on the images and tag lines to get viewers attraction. Use attractive images and tag lines so that customers like and take action.

Is your home page providing enough links to browse your products and services?
Provide enough tabs for your popular services and portfolios to provide more information to your users. Provide all the benefits what user is going to get, by taking your services. Make sure that you are fulfilling the same.

Are you an expert in using web analytics and track the user activity and analyse?
Web Analytics or Google analytics is the tool which provides complete information about what your users are doing on your site. Whatever the optimization you have done on your site is it worth? Is it useful or not? You can track all these details from analytics. Analyse all the details traffic from the help of analytics and take action accordingly.

Is your website having blog and you are posting enough original content on it?
Blog is the main traffic source for your website and to generate leads. Research says that 47% of businesses getting enough leads by creating and posting useful content on their official blog. If you are providing the information which most people are searching for and trending in the market as well as in Google trends about your business.

Is your home page is light weight and loading fast?
The Important thing for your website is to host the site in a high speed server which should not go down. Use cloud servers and host your website and create website in HTML5 use jQuery for image gallery and presentations so that user will feel the good browsing experience on your site.

If you update your website with these check lists then the chance of getting customer conversions will be high.

What do...you think? If you feel anything missing in this checklist please share here.

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