January 16, 2013, Issue #17

Best Practices for Effective E-mail Communication

You should not use public email ID, Use Personal email ID to get best responses

Keep short and summarised subject line for your email. Make sure it is specific for the description and email should differentiate your company.

Provide Recognition for recipients while starting email message. Personalize the email message to increase the open rates, So that they feel proud and prioritize your emails, which increases email productivity.

Don't treat email like spoken communication. It is more informal medium than letters, but it doesn't contain the signals and clues that spoken language contains.

Integrate the email message with other communication channel messages to keep track and follow the commination made in other communication channels and mediums. (Phone or Mobile - Voice and Video, web - Chat discussions and enquiries, direct meet up - Face to face meeting)

Divide Email message in to 3 parts.

Problem: Explain about the problem in first paragraph or in first part.

Solution: Next solution for the problem

Action: Finally what action the recipient should take for that. Clear call-to-Action - "ASK" is the important thing. Create desired call- to-action plan which you want your recipients to take. Use side bars and graphics to highlight "ASK".

Create email body part to scan it easily. The purpose of the email should be able to scan easily form your recipients. Because people don't read they scan emails.

Be aware of using spam words. Know how to write email content which should not contain spam words. It increases inbox deliverability.

Keep your email message short. Never send an email when you are angry

Keep the message focused; use simple colors, fonts and formatting system.

Reread your message and check for grammar and vocabulary before you click 'send'.

Use Signature Function Effectively - Add name, Title, company name, address, Phone and URL

Make sure to add disclaimer.

Schedule time for sending and responding emails and follow it. The best time to send business emails is between Tuesday to Thursday in the morning after 9.30AM and afternoon around 1.30PM. Make priority to respond emails max of 24 to 48 hours.

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