May 2, 2013, Issue #24

Biggest Problems Prevent You from Being Successful at Paid Search

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As we all know to get organic search results for highly competitive keywords will take some time. When we implement a paid search strategy to get high visibility in paid search results to get some business initially some organisations will face fewer problems to get success in paid search. I have analysed and listed few off them here. Let's go through this now one by one.

1. Strength of competition: Selecting the target segments is very important in paid search marketing. Analyse what your competition is doing and use tools like compet.com, hubspot market grader and Google adwords keyword tool to find out strength of competition. Select your keywords with medium competition to start so that you can improve then on.

2. Staff recruitment issues: Recruiting the right staff at right time who will match to your organisation culture and ethics. Like-minded people will always work effectively together and provide high quality results for the growth of the organisation.

3. Lack of budget: After doing all the stuff, adjusting budget and getting more returns will give more headaches for SMEs. If you have minimum budget, plan perfectly and then create your campaigns so that it should get your ROI. Keep changing your bid and find out the traffic peak times to place high bids to get customers.

4. Lack of know-how: "Knowledge is Power" If you know more that's also less in these days. So, subscribe to popular blogs like search engine land, SEO round table, SEOmoz, search engine journal and search engine watch. Get latest search engine updates and get updated to trends.

5. Keywords too expensive: For small budget companies it's difficult to target high competitive keywords which are having high bid rate. To get over from this problem as said in strength of competition plan perfect, select relevant keywords which can bring leads and change bids at right time.

6. Poor technology: Technology is the important part for modern marketers. To analyse the behaviour of visitors coming to website, to reduce the work load, to reduce the time, to increase the quality and to get results.

7. Lack of internal buy- in: Every employee in an organisation has a different set of skills and can be exchanged to execute a particular task more effectively. Identify employee's skills and use those skills properly to increase organisation productivity at minimum time.

8. Poorly converting website: Website is the main central nervous system of your online business. You are doing all the marketing activity online & offline to get visitors to your website or to the landing page. The one and only goal of landing page is to make user to feel submit their personal information to get something best. So, create as many landing pages as possible and test out.

9. Lack of internal resource: Again back to budget allocation. If you have small budget plan to allocate it properly for campaign bid, technology, research and analysis, quality design and development, third party tool and experienced campaign manager.

10. Poor quality traffic: Don't promote in different sites which are not relevant to your business. If you promote business in different channels even though your target audience are not present in those channels you may get more traffic but you won't get relevant traffic. Relevancy is the important key point in this. Try to give what people are asking.

11. Click fraud: As you analyse your competition your competitors will also be doing the same. If they are doing paid search campaigns they will definitely check where their ad is positioned and what other ads are and how they are doing? In this process they will also click on your ad. If your ad is not having relevancy in relevant channel people may click simply. So, you should place your ad in relevant channel relevant to your target audience.

12. Proving the business case: Critical part for many companies is, when they get visitors they don't have capabilities to prove and make visitor to take action. When people get interested in your services they will ask you for work samples or case studies. Here comes the trouble..! All SME's may not have worked for different target sector audience so they will not have any business case to prove their capabilities. What you can do at this time to convince the lead is tell them about the executing capacity of your company and the team capabilities, knowledge and experience.

What are the other problems that you are facing in your organisation? Please contact us and share we will include those also in this article by revising and rearranging.

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