December 19, 2012, Issue #13

Creating Infographics is Very Easy Now: Best Tools that Make Your Job Easy to Create Infographics

Piktochart: One of the best tool to create infographics which is fun, engage able, interactive and innovative. This tool easy to use and you can export your work. They have free and paid services also please check out.

Easelly: Its powered by wordpress. It's one of the favourite tool to create and share your visual ideas online. Just drag and drop a theme and start creating and editing your visual idea in that.

Infoactive: If you have any excel data or comparison files then make your data shine on web. The advantage is you can make your data interactive and mobile friendly. This tool is very easy to use and the best advantage is its live data change option. You can edit and change the data whenever you want.

Pixlr: It's an excellent alternative to Photoshop. You can create any kind of infographics in this tool. You will get almost all options of Photoshop to edit an image add effects, play with colors, write text and many more.

Picmonkey: Best tool for business people to edit the photos online and its user friendly to get the stuff done. You can mix some photos and edit to create wonderful visuals to display your data in effective manner.

Lunapic: Gives best option to edit your pictures for all your social media posts. Edit, draw, add and adjust colors and effects, make animations and scale image etc...

Infogram: Millions of infographics are created using this tool. The mobile version of this site is best social media site to share photos and infographics.

Visually: One of my favourite infographics creation tool. This allows you to browse any infographics from their gallery and edit it and publish on your visually profile.

Creately: pretty tool with easy interface and navigation makes user happy to use it again and again to create visuals. They have really very good features like click styling, pretty shapes, curvy connectors, smooth real-time collaboration, project management, inline commenting, one click publishing, team management and more.

Tableau Software: A best desktop tool which makes users to like more while using this to create visual data. spectacularly powerful tool for desktop users.

Venngage: Most Powerful infographics tool to create and publish custom infographics.

Many Eyes: Create visualization by selecting data set, choose visualization and customise to publish. The new method IBM has introduced to create infographics. Highly recommended.

What about me: Intel has developed this online tool to create infographics of your digital life. Give it a try.

Google Chart Tools: Make your own infographics easily using the google chart tools. You can find matching charts from the chart gallery and customize the charts. This needs some coding/programing knowledge.

amCharts Visual Editor: Best tool to create flash charts and integrate the code directly in to your webpage. This tools gives option to create different 3D charts in javascripts and html5 please check to know more

Hohli Charts: If you want to create 3D chart in different forms to use it in your infographics this is the right tool.

Chartgizmo: Enables you to create Flash, Pie, Bar, Line, Ring, 3D Pie, 3D Bar, 3D Line, Candle, Scatterplot & TimeSeries charts easily. You can import the data from excel and customise the chart settings to match with your requirements.

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