October 17, 2012, Issue #4

Effective Writing Techniques to Spice Up Your Site

  1. Use of Strong verbs has more impact than adverbs and adjectives. Sprinkle your prose with powerful verbs to give your words momentum and verve. Use active voice to get more engaging
  2. Tug emotions through effective mental imaging: Create a picture which shows your products and services benefits.
  3. Highlight the benefits with effective headlines that explicitly tell your visitors the benefits of your website, product, or service.
  4. Effective writers don't describe what their characters look like, they describe key specifics about what the characters do, see, and hear.
  5. Make your content easy to scan
  6. Emphasize the highlights using bold and italics so that readers skimming them will understand your story in brief.
  7. Use testimonials
  8. Be positive and say that, this will absolutely happen when visitor ask you a question
  9. Offer a guarantee and reduce the risk of your customers investments
  10. Use high quality graphics to enhance the conversion rates
  11. Include calls to action when writing links, buttons, and offers
  12. Use action words and expressions in your hyperlinks like Buy now for a 15% discount, Learn how to..., Click here to..., Sign up for... and Get It now.
  13. Use action-oriented copy to tell visitors what they should do on your web page
  14. Create Interactive content while writing; speak like you are directly talking with the user. Use you, me and them effectively.
  15. Use Present tense to get immediate action and engaging.

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