January 2, 2013, Issue #15

Factors to Consider Before Redesigning a Website

Re-branding or Re- designing a website will involve many factors. Consider to list out and assess the affecting and influencing factors before starting the process.
  1. Most effective aspects of the current design
    List out all elements of your current website and evaluate which are effective and ads more value. Make a simple list of all these elements and try if you can bring back while re-designing.
  2. How can the website be more user-friendly?
    Create user friendly navigation which helps users to navigate easily. This motivates user to come back to the site to find what they need because they can find easily due to the easy website navigation.
  3. Do you need to change/re-brand the logo?
    If your brand logo looks out dated then new design will not get any effect to build brand. Replace with new attractive logo with action colors.
  4. How you are going to use color schemes for website?
    For your repeated visitors your website should not look completely new. It should look like a familiar one so; follow the same color schemes with minor changes and alternations in the color.
  5. What your target audience need?
    Do a market research and find out what your target segments are looking for? How they are moving? Understand the buyer persona to build a perfect website for them.
  6. How to make the website more interactive and responsive? [Interactive and responsive design]
    When writing content to your website you need to write it in real time language and your website will interact with visitor as a real person. Add animations and visual effects to entertain the reader and guide them clearly what to do.
  7. If you need Content management system (CMS) which one you prefer?
    If your website is gonna be a content based site. Consider building the website in a content management system [CMS] to upgrade easily. There are many CMS systems are available you can select the best from any one of these - Wordpress, Tiki, Joomla, Drupal, concrete5, PHP, ExpressionEngine
  8. Write remarkable content for website or Create unique things which is worth writing about you.
    I always say quality is over taking quantity. So never write something to fill pages. Write something which is really useful and solves major problem of your website visitor. [OR] Creating unique products like apple did and people feel which is worth writing about. This Creates anticipation in your customers mind to think and guess what will be your product?
  9. Create different website wireframes and analyse to know What Type of Redesign Do You Need?
    Why different website wireframes? This saves a lot of time to evaluate the design type and your designer time also. List out what elements are important and how you want to arrange them in each page to get clear picture and design the wireframes.
  10. Develop your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
    List out all your products and services to compare with your competitors and find out how you differ from them. Create a table and list your USP's for each product/service that you offer to your customers. Try and see how you can improve these and what features you want to highlight.

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