April 2, 2013, Issue #22

Generate Leads with New YouTube Design

People like visual content more. As saying goes "The more you see, the more you know." So, we need to apply the science of communication to the communication of science. The new YouTube design allows you to generate leads and grow your business easily. Check out what you need to do and how you can do it easily here.

What you need to do?
  • Create and optimise videos which will entertain, inspire and provide value for your target audience to build strong brand identity.
  • Optimise channel metadata in first 45 characters with good keywords and explain what your channel is all about.
  • Update your channel art and social media links.
  • Optimise your video metadata and create playlists to share.
  • Set browse tab as default for non-subscribers and also create a channel trailer to get subscribers.
  • Set a particular time and frequency for posting and sharing content on your channel.
  • Create viewer-centric content and interact with your audience and communicate with them to build your community.
What are the advantages of new design?
  • Visual Content is Powerful people like to share it more
  • Useful content has the potential to go viral
  • Learn more about your audience, your videos and your activity on YouTube analytics
  • Add landing page URL in description area.
  • Add annotations to ALL of your videos to provide proper CTA
  • Prevent ads from showing in your videos
  • Always direct subscribed users to the discussion tab and to the feed tab to increase engagement
  • Integrate your Google plus with your channel for easy search optimisation

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