June 03, 2013, Issue #27

Google launches new inbox, introduces new features on Gmail

The Google's video "Meet Gmail's new inbox" received about 553351 views on Youtube in just 1 day. If you Google "Gmail" in the News section you will realise that a truly (r)evolutionary Interface is being launched by Google in its Gmail in a week's time. Google rocks again! The new Gmail interface will organize all the emails, Google+ updates, Promotional offers and apps related emails in separate tabs so that a user will never have to do so.

Let us see how the new features will impact the users and businesses...

  1. First things first:
    You can put all your primary emails into one tab. As one would expect this tab comes first. If you are a business owner then this feature is truly beneficial because you would be eliminating the "clutter" and ONLY the most important emails will hit this primary emails tab.
  2. Get Social+:
    Next comes the Social Tab where all the Google+ circle of friends and related posts will appear. This is particularly useful for users who are looking to Socialise. This would significantly increase the "follows" on Google+ circles. It is clear that Google has come up with a strategy to compete against Facebook. The Strategy is simple - If you look at the screenshot above (Fig1) you can see that the Social Tab (Google+) is VISIBLE. With this Google is trying to leverage the number of Gmail subscribers to direct them to Google plus. (+1) to Google!
  3. Get some big deal(s):
    The third one will contain any emails related to promotions. This means that businesses can leverage this by sending all the promotional offers, deals, Group buying etc. to this tab.
  4. Lets (Google) play:
    The fourth tab (Google Play) which is probably the most important tab for Mobile users contains the updates about one's collection of Android apps. Businesses can promote all the useful apps by sending them to the user which hits the Google Play tab. User can go over to this tab and choose the app s/he wants to.
We are not sure yet if this would get rid of "filter" option in Gmail - the web version of it will be available in few days.
Gmail new Inbox

Gmail on Mobile:
Ditto for Android, iOS and other Mobile devices; Google has organised the emails in such a way that the most important one (primary email) comes to the top. This is probably because of the screen size as a constraint (Fig2).

Fig 2:
Gmail for mobile

The best part of the whole story is that users can always switch back to the older classic version of emails. Google in its announcement says that the new Gmail will put the users in control Let us wait for the new Gmail inbox release to get more feedback from users.

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