May 29, 2013, Issue #26

7 Hashtags for #SEO and How to Use Them

Hashtags are one of the best ways to get a message (tweet) across to the target audience. By appending a relevant #Hashtag, Brands can improve the likelihood of reaching a potential customer. For an average Twitter user who is looking for a relevant information Hashtag is the equivalent of a Keyword used in Google Search. Just like how one searches for information on Google using a Keyword, one searches for relevant tweets using a #Hashtag on a Twitter search engine.

In the world of SEO, there is millions of information that are being shared on twitter on a daily basis through tweets. The tweets could vary from simple How-Tos to Breaking news to event announcement. This being the case, it would be useful to learn about the various Twitter SEO related Hashtags that are trending. While there are hundreds of SEO related hashtags that are useful let us discuss 7 trending hashtags for SEO and let us see how to use them for success.
  1. #SEO - This is the most trending keyword which averages to 10000+ searches in 24 hours (according to Hashtags.org). Whenever Brands post an article or News on SEO by default they should append this keyword that would yield best views from various parts of the globe.
  2. #SMM - This is an acronym for Social Media Marketing, or the process of generating website traffic or attention through social media platforms. This search volume averages to 2000+ in 24 hours. Some of the prolific users of this hashtag are @SMM_Stream, @bloggerumer, @Socialprogramme etc.
  3. #SMO - SMO is an acronym for Social Media Optimization. This is a fairly new hashtag that is being used in the SEO realm. Some of the prolific users of this hashtag are @SirMichaelToYou, @pmantoranz, @SEOnewz etc.
  4. #SEM - SEM is another SEO related hashtag that is trending. One can use this hashtag while posting any content related to Search Engine Marketing.
  5. #SocialMedia - SocialMedia is the most (fast)trending hashtag that has about 20000+ searches in 24 hours. Search Engine experts can use this hashtag as SEO is closely related to Social Media.
  6. #Penguin - We can call Penguin (or Panda for that matter) as a "Seasonal Hashtag". One uses it when there is a google update. That point of time and for few months it will be trending. Later the trend goes down.
  7. #LinkBuilding - If you are considering writing content related to building back-links or off-page SEO then you must consider appending the hashtag Linkbuilding which is trending.
Whilst there are several useful hashtags that helps in learning about SEO and to get potential leads, these are by no means equal to getting your site to the top in Google search results. It is only by staying on top of Google search results and by providing a great service Brands can get customers and keep them. So, Brands should keep themselves on top in both Search and Social Media.

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