October 03, 2012, Issue #2

Have You done Your Marketing Planning?

Before starting any task planning is very important to get success and results. So now you have a business or you have started a new business how to market your business online. What you should know about your business to kick start with a perfect sales pitch in online marketing. Here we go through some of the key points.

Current customers and future customers: If you have an existing business find out who are your present customers and whom you don't want to lose. Take measures for that. Next thing is carryout market research; study the demography of a location to find out the target segments for your business. Once you decide your target audience build your website meet that particular target segments. Build everything based on what type of business people you are going to target. This helps you to decide who are going to be your future customers.

Competitors are doing better than you: Research and find out what your competitors are doing better than you, in which field they are strong and how they are doing business get complete business process details from starting to end. Analyse the details and understand the business market. Prepare your complete step by step business development and marketing plan for your business by implementing and adding advanced, creative and new methods to stand ahead and unique in the market. Re-think and make sure all the details and plan is correct and get reviews from your employees and finalize it.

I'm better than my competitor in..... : Find out what your customer needs and problems and create your USP's and include strong points in the list so that you will be the best alternative option for their needs and solving their problems. Provide what customers are looking for to get their attraction. Create a product or service which is unique and not available in the market or any of your competitors is not providing that. In any business if customer is happy then your business will grow and you are going to be happy. Build your customer care team and train them properly.

Where I am now? & where I want to be? : Access the current sales reports and targets find out the current prospecting and sales process. Set your goals and create a marketing plan with enough resources to use for achieve the sales targets. Get all the required resources that you required or make arrangements for that and then get your plan in to action. Find out how to get the most use of free resources to create a pull marketing strategy for your business website. 'Content is the king' and 'links are queen' for your website to get success. Generate unique user beneficial content and build links with proper keywords. Engage with customers personally to build trust. Final important thing is if you want to get your customer loyalty make them feel happy for what they paid. Make promise and provide what you promise and take care of your customer by providing excellent customer support service.

How to measure success? : Monitoring and analysing is the key to measure success. Listen carefully and watch with open eyes to find out what your customers are saying about you. Get feedback from your customers about how you are doing and update accordingly. Keep all records and compare your yesterday's progress with today and make plan to improve. Create new marketing strategies and implement to get accurate results. Drive for Excellency and accuracy in the work process to get success.

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