December 05, 2012, Issue #11

How Organizations Hide their Personality?

You may be thinking, why you have to include personality for a organisation? By being open and transparent to people you can build good trust about your brand.

Things that you need to reconsider and work differently to come over and show your brand personality is as follows.
  1. Being Ordinary (and Profitable): Make your brand different and provide more details and talk about the benefits which people are going to get from your brands product and service. Please make sure that you have a good "WHY?" reason to explain about your organisation, your brand, your products and services. You should be able to explain your organisation is committed to quality, innovation, design, and simplicity in all the stages of your work, same should reflect in your products and services also.
  2. Focusing on Policies Rather Than Logic: Don't create unnecessary policies without logic, if it's not useful. Concentrate on the good results not on the old methods. If you get to know about new methods and technologies try to know and implement even though it's told by a junior employee. Appreciate them and inspire them to do more and don't forget to give rewards. Give comfortable working environment to employee to think and re-invent everything.
  3. Silencing Employees: Why you are following old style? Why you are taking decisions on your own without discussing with the employees? To improve your organisations growth, discuss with everyone in the organisation and get feedback, suggestions and recommendations for a particular project to implement or to create new strategies. It helps you to get new ideas and create a proper growth strategy to grow your brand and maintain healthier and happy working environment in the organisation. Allow your employees to speak as official brand ambassadors to speak for your brand.
  4. Diverting Employees concentration: Sometimes some organisations will create some strict unwanted policies from which employees will get distracted and unable to concentrate on work properly.
    For example: Forcing employees to follow old methods even though s/he knows new methods and techniques to do it quickly and efficiently. This will make an employee to think and consider that the organisation is outdated and s/he is not in right place to fulfil their future dreams.

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