December 05, 2012, Issue #11

How to Create Marketing Focused Communication Which goes Beyond Selling?

Marketing and sales professionals who believe that marketing has to do more than just generating profits for the company without making customer happy? Then you are in to my community who think same. We want our customers to be happy and love our companies instead of like.

If you want to create marketing focused content to sell your products/services and also make your customers happy. Just answer these 4 questions to your customers every time you create content about your products and services [or] every time when you communicate about your services and products.

Here is that secret formula which you have to follow while introducing your services/products in the market. Make sure you are ready to answer these questions or answered for all the products and services which you are offering.

Customers expect honest answers for these questions.
  1. Features: What does your product/service do for me and why is it dissimilar and/or best than others?
  2. Benefits: How will my life be different/better/best/changed if I buy it?
  3. Price: Why it is worth? What you are charging?
  4. Action: Where can I get it?
If you regularly provide respectable answers to these queries with your marketing, I assure you, you will be capable to sell easily whatever you are trying to sell.

What the apple company knows about excellent promotion is that it is about more than selling. Selling will usually manage itself if you have something affordable to offer at a affordable cost. If you want to create promotion targeted on selling, all you need to do is answer these four quick questions for your consumers.

The one more truth about this is what's your unique and passionate story telling method, by which your clients will get passionate about you and tell others about your products and services in unique way.

What's your 'unique' story telling method? Leave your stories here.

"Personality is not just about what you take a position for, but how you select to connect it. It is also the way to get in touch with your clients, associates, workers, communities, fans, followers and influencers to the spirit of your brand."

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