October 03, 2012, Issue #2

How to Maintain Online Reputation of My Company and Mine?

Online reputation management is most difficult thing which people are thinking these days. People are getting lots of question on ORM like, how to maintain online reputation? Where i have to concentrate? What needs to be done? Etc... So to maintain your brand reputation you need to maintain your company's brand reputation in these following places in the online web or internet.

Weakness and Threads: Is your management team sticking his foot firmly on his mouth? Do you know the problems in using your products and services? Is your management worried about customer service and customer retention? You may not change your company's rules and polices but, be honest about them and you can prepare and create a topic of reputation attach for them to think.

Stop me if you can? : Information will travel very fast in web you can't stop it but, you can create perfect way to travel as you want and as you wish. Create anticipation and encourage customers to get positive user generated content for your brand in the web.

Blogs/Microblogs: Creating wonders for your company can happen through blogs. Always blog on personalised domain to show people its official blog of yours and generate content what users require and hold conversations, get valuable feedback which is not so easy for the company. The style of the blog is getting the right thing easily, which is quite difficult for the company to get and find out who wants to hear from your company and from your employees. Don't ever neglect and negative comments or news in your blog, before it becomes big news in daily mail take action. They key is respond quickly apologize for the mistakes a write a blog about what steps you are taking to resolve it. Check frequently in popular blogs Blogger.com/Blogspot.com, TypePad.com, WordPress.com, LiveJournal.com and report them if you find any negative content or abuse.

I'm I looking good in search: Have you ever thought about how your brand or you look online for people? How your information is available for people when they search? In search engines keep track of your information to maintain it properly. Make it personal so that you can handle it well. As we all know Google has introduced a new tool for Online reputation management 'Me on web', in which you can set up your profile and get notifications whenever any content appears on the web, remove unwanted content from Google's search results and manage pages. Google also provides URL removal tools use these URL removal tools effectively or else this may cause problems for your pages. Use 'Google alerts' to find out if any new content appears on the web about you or your company. Fight against negative with positive. Find where you stand on web and post good content and try to automate the process. SEO is the key, invite spiders for your positive content and optimize it. Follow the same procedure for other search engines also. Use reputation management tools like reputation.com, naymz, whos talikin and yasin to find out the results and monitor.

Social media: In all the social media sites make sure to use the same name and fonts to maintain Consistency in all the platforms so that it makes easy for you to create an identity. Get your all popular domain name extensions to avoid further problems. Use multi-platform web tools like Tweetdeck, or Hootsuite to maintain and update your online presence. Maintain security for all your accounts to avoid the hacking. Finally be yourself choose network wisely because people wants to see the person behind the persona. Always create your own reputation in social media and post your own information and educate the family and friends to maintain the security and privacy. Subscribe to twitter feeds and act accordingly.

Customer is the king: Pay attention and listen what your customer says about you or about your products and services and respond to them immediately, personally and appropriately to satisfy them. Start generating the reviews frequently and promote your reputation across the web. Research and plan what you need to do and join the conversations with your customers and provide what you commit. When conversation turns negative, be prepared to handle it in effective way by showing transparency and apologizing for the mistake you made. Create a crisis communication response team to handle it and don't pretend like crisis is not happening by telling lies. No one is perfect but try to become perfect which gives more accuracy.

Career management: People will search more in sites like monster, jobfox, simplyhired etc. to find out more about you watch out what you say online to avoid further problems which may spread like virus. So own Google's first and 2nd page with as many slots as possible with positive content even though if you are not looking for any job protect your online reputation. How you are with people will decide your reputation. Character is like you and reputation is like your shadow. The 'shadow' is what you do and 'you' is real.

Social profiles: Create official profiles for your company brand and for personal to avoid someone else creating and spamming the reputation. If you don't like it someone else will do for you to take control, so it's better to take action before it turns in to a indigestible poison for you and your organization. Make sure you have accounts in popular social media sites, if you find any duplicates clear them or merge them by contacting admins. Take complete control on your profiles and communities and engage with them instead of blasting the content. If you build the brand and reputation automatically loyal and true customers will come.

Complaint forums and websites: Various Complaint forum websites, discussion sites and other website may contain information about your company, products and services and brand, so be active to find out the details and manage the reputation in all these sites. Contact webmasters for help in these sites. Normally email id will be webmaster@domain name such as webmaster@xyz.com. Sometimes if you dint get reply then try to take extreme measures by send a cease and desist notice letter to wake up the site owner - chilling effect and also you can inform to Google through DMCA complaint

Video/Photo sharing sites: Search in different video and photo sharing sites and find out is there any weird photos or videos about you then immediately report abuse or contact support and send request to remove.

Networks:Make sure that you and your network people are having enough privacy, both in professional and personal profile throughout the web. Because people may search to find the information from different sources to find out about you and before they trust you and your brand. If you are having a rich and valued brand, hire a digital security professional to maintain and help you to lock all private things in online medium. Maintaining your reputation online also helps personally in finding future jobs, because recruiters check search engines to find out more about you. Good digital branding and biography can help you in business promotions and get respect. Find out where your customers hangout more in social networks and create a profile in that to hangout.

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