November 21, 2012, Issue #9

How to use the Facebook Admin Panel?

If you use your admin panel effectively, you can manage your business page to get good ROI and generate fan base. For all facebook business pages you will get an option to add Admins to manage your business page apart from you. You can add admin personnel very easily by following these simple steps. Just click on new likes - See all and scroll down to select right person to assign as page admin for your brand.

You can also manage the permissions for your assigned admin just by clicking on edit page and admin roles. You can assign a person to manage each and every particular task.

Take a look at this facebook admin panel snapshot.

  1. Notifications This option gives you all the details about your recent user activity on your business page - people who 'liked' your content, tagged, commented and decided to attend your events and shared your page content.
  2. New 'likes' This gives you the quick look on people who subscribed to your business page updates and feeds.
  3. Insights This is snap which is showing your business page activity over the last two weeks. This is a most efficient tool to track your user activity. This will give you details about your number of comments that you are getting for your post, fans location, gender, number of likes for your post, average comments per post, Number people talking about your page and posts, vitality of your post along with many user metrics to measure your brand reach and ROI.
  4. Messages Facebook has provided good option for fans to send private messages to brand pages. This gives useful way to communicate privately with individual fans. It helps to increase private engagement and providing good customer service for the fans to increase trust and gain brand customer loyalty.
  5. Page tips This Feature tells about improving your business page timeline, getting more likes, creating facebook business cards and advertising your page, promoting posts and page, creating sponsored stories and offers to increase the customer fan base.

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