February 6, 2013, Issue #20

How to Use Twitters Vine for Brands

Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post on Vine appear on your profile and are shared with your followers. You can also share them instantly on Twitter and Facebook.

The next content marketing strategy of your brand should be vines. Yes! Start creating vines to promote your brand in twitter. In few days' people will use these words frequently; upload a vine, vining, vineyard, you should vine that and so on...

I am listing some ideas for you to create vines, let's take a look at these ideas.
  • Create a message about your brand to understand easily which is visual and goes viral.
  • Try to experiment in creating a 6 seconds product or service demonstration videos with a strong emotional message
  • Explain your new product or service in 6 seconds
  • Landing pages: Use a 6 seconds video to attract your customers to landing pages.
  • Special offers: If you want to announce an offer make it visual.
  • Display your products and service list in an animated GIF or video
  • Show what your services or products can really do instead of telling.
  • Create a series of product images and services diagrams or plans, strategy sketch's and run in fast GIF image - Ask users to tap the screen and select which one they like.
  • Create contests, quiz, Q&A, surveys and polls to get data and entertain people.
  • Get Customer testimonials to show what they say about your services or products.
  • Try to humanize your brand.
  • Show your product and service features
  • Introduce your brand ambassadors and employee to your followers.
  • Create and share behind the scenes videos
  • Create "How to" vines to educate your target audience
  • Don't explain show how to do that by creating vine
  • Create call-to-action videos like

    • Follow us on Twitter
    • Like our Facebook fan page
    • Embed this Vine on your site or blog
    • Share this
    • Connect with me on linkedin
    • Join G+ community or linkedin group
    • Follow our social media pages or profiles
    • And many more...
  • Review your eBook, white papers, products and services
  • Create animated eBook arts
  • Create typography of your brand name, your name, product and services names and more...
  • Create welcome messages, greetings, wishes, quotes, tag lines, famous sayings, messages and other illustrations.
  • Use your GIF images intelligently.
  • Create meme in motion.
  • Share your website design or some of your best portfolios with strong message.
  • Thank your customers, fans, influencers and loyal clients.
  • Create and share braking news of your brand

If you have any good ideas please share with us.

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