Best Content Discovery Tools and Platforms that You Cannot Ignore

Contentdj: It helps you identify quality content and publish to social media sites. Effortlessly. Its proprietary algorithm helps you sort content based on freshness and quality. Easily identify quality content.


The Six Weapons of Influence

  • Scarcity: Most people love things which scares or special and things which are valuable and when they realize that it might be lost if I ignore now. The principle is opportunities seem more valuable to you when they are less available. Less number, time limited and exclusive opportunities will work better to influence people.


How to Create Marketing Focused Communication Which goes Beyond Selling?

Marketing and sales professionals who believe that marketing has to do more than just generating profits for the company without making customer happy? Then you are in to my community who think same. We want our customers to be happy and love our companies instead of like.


How Organizations Hide their Personality?

You may be thinking, why you have to include personality for a organisation? By being open and transparent to people you can build good trust about your brand.


Top 25+ Tools for Twitter

Twitter is a very useful marketing tool for brands. There are thousands of tools available online for managing Twitter. Some of the most popular applications/tools are listed below.
  1. TweetDeck. One of the best desktop client for managing Twitter. It allows users to view tweets, Track Trends, Expands Photos & Videos Inline, Monitor Mentions, List Management, Activity & Interactions,

Why Brands should Create their Presence on Facebook?

Facebook has reached more than 1 million monthly active users and increasing. It is the best site where people will hang out more. All popular brands and SMEs are active in facebook because of following reasons.


How to use the Facebook Admin Panel?

If you use your admin panel effectively, you can manage your business page to get good ROI and generate fan base. For all facebook business pages you will get an option to add Admins to manage your business page apart from you.


Why You should Have an Online Community for Your Business?

A big advantage of having an online community is easy of maintaining your brand reputation. Building relationship with more people gives you immense advantage to increase brand awareness and maintain online reputation of your company and brand.


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