What must be there in Your Landing Page?

Contentdj: It helps you Lead generation is the biggest challenge in the current market for many organisations. Contact us page is not the best place to generate more leads. To capture leads you need to create separate page for each product and service with an attractive offer that people can't say no to it. So, how can you create a landing page which captures marketing qualified leads for you?


Best Secrets of Email Marketing

Have an Outstanding Product / Service and Feed Your Consumers Hunger. [Give and Take] People are finding solutions for several problems that they come across in their day-to-day life. Like what product/services they should buy, which is best, how to learn,


When Conversion Optimization Succeeds?

Conversion optimization is successful when:
The correct target pages are selected for optimization: Normally thousands of possible places we will see in any website for optimization. So, You should data-mine the webpages and choose key places in the webpages that will have an effect on your main point here. This is can be done through applications.


Effective Writing Techniques to Spice Up Your Site

  1. Use of Strong verbs has more impact than adverbs and adjectives. Sprinkle your prose with powerful verbs to give your words momentum and verve. Use active voice to get more engaging
  2. Tug emotions through effective mental imaging: Create a picture which shows your products and services benefits.

Why does Your Business need SEO?

Does your website actually exist?

When individuals want to buy something, or get assistance, their first stop is the World Wide Web, because everything is available on the web.


Best Practices for Attracting Visitors to Your Website Home Page.

Your home page is the main place to get conversions and letting the user to make his decision to browse further or not.

Is your website getting enough traffic and you are not getting any conversions?
Please optimize your home page for users to take action(s) and create interest about your products and services. Mention an offer details and let them click and go through in your inner pages.


Strategy for Selling through Social Media

Sometimes you will be worrying that why my social media posts or tweets not working? No one is converting in to leads? No one is engaging? If you want to get best experience and improve in your ROI you need to make sure that your campaigns include these steps. Create a social media marketing strategy


Have You done Your Marketing Planning?

Before starting any task planning is very important to get success and results. So now you have a business or you have started a new business how to market your business online. What you should know about your business to kick start with a perfect sales pitch in online marketing. Here we go through some of the key points.


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