September 26, 2012, Issue #1

Perfect White Hat SEO Techniques: Which Google Love to Give High Ranking to Your Site

User friendly navigation and creative design will help a lot for users and search engines.

Research and write eBook, brochures, Documents which contains new ideas, trends and techniques related to your business and market.

On page: Your titles, descriptions and keywords should reflect the content of your web page. Design relevant images and use it. Don't use common images which are used by other organisations for websites.

Provide What Readers Want: As a blogger, ask yourself this question every day, and after every time you publish an article: "Did I help my readers understand something better than before?" Always provider what your readers are looking for. Get feedback from readers.

Quality Content - "content is the king and Links are Queen", Write always unique and valuable content related to your products and services, which help the readers to get solution for their problems and build a network of quality backlinks using your keyword phrase as the link.

Get feedback from readers and ask what they are looking for and answer their questions, provide solutions for their problems. Take the time to research, analyse and subsequently re-write meta tags, content and change slight redesign of the website and page names according to keyword research analysis made.

Define URL's wisely using key words which should be used relevant to content, title and headers. Discuss in forms and blogs be active and share information.

Use Higher Page Rank directory sites to build links and use image or picture word in your photo ALT descriptions. Post new content in your blog, at least 3 posts in a week. Update the content in site because crawlers also look for unique quality content

Use Bread crumbs in your site which boosts your link familiarity.

Clean URL's, use inner page link building and check for broken URL's or links.

Use robots.text file effectively

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