October 10, 2012, Issue #3

Strategy for Selling through Social Media

Sometimes you will be worrying that why my social media posts or tweets not working? No one is converting in to leads? No one is engaging? If you want to get best experience and improve in your ROI you need to make sure that your campaigns include these steps. Create a social media marketing strategy
  • Watch and analyse the situation at present state and conditions.
  • Think about the future and create a vision, define your goals and objectives.
  • Create proper methodology and route map to achieve the same.
  • Calculate the cost and budget.
  • Allocate the resources to achieve the goals. Use latest and advanced technology which is available.
Steps by step procedure for selling through social media
  1. Create social media accounts for the presence and generate brand awareness.
  2. Find out where your target market is on social media.
  3. Target all the social media platforms where your customers will hangout.
  4. Listen to your client's opinions, requests and complaints. Act on that to provide solution.
  5. Plan and develop the content for which they're looking on these social media networks.
  6. Test your messages and posts to make sure to meet the reader's requirement.
  7. Increase customer engagement to increase brand affinity.
  8. Increase fan base and concentrate on good and positive user generated content (UGC) to improve brand loyalty.
  9. Create links, tabs and enough calls-to-action to convert the visitors and fans in to customers.
  10. Prove the worth of your brand, services and products.
  11. Optimize your landing pages.
  12. Increase engagement of customers with best service, support and offers for better ROI.
  13. Measure and monitor the results using social media tools and analytics.
  14. Streamline the purchase process. Reduce the number of steps to purchase.
  15. Measure sales results from social media. Measure everything and document it well so that it helps in creating next campaign.
  16. Focus on the benefits and customer retention. Increase customer loyalty for the brand.
  17. Important things to move forward are Enthusiasm, Energy, Efficiency, and Effectiveness to get success.

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