December 12, 2012, Issue #12

The Six Weapons of Influence

  • Scarcity: Most people love things which scares or special and things which are valuable and when they realize that it might be lost if I ignore now. The principle is opportunities seem more valuable to you when they are less available. Less number, time limited and exclusive opportunities will work better to influence people.
  • Reciprocation: The old give and take.. and take. Example: If you are in business try this trick, Send some greetings to some perfect strangers and watch out what happens next. If it's free automatically people will love to give and take. If you send cristmas email greetings most of the people will return back. The people whom you have never met, now you know something about them and you are in touch with them. Always send a gift first not a selling pitch.
  • Social Proof: People do what others do. We are more concern about what others people think than what we. When you pitch for any new guest post or social media activity please link back to the one which has influenced before. People will believe more when they see results which are worked perfect in the past.
  • Authority: As we know people actually buy brands not product. When an authorised person recommends something valuable people will believe and influence. Sometimes people buy the product when a brand owner recommends it.
  • Liking: The friendly thief. People prefer to agree and say yes to the requests of people whom they know and like. This is why a marketing person, customer care executives, salespersons ask you how are you? How are you doing? How was your vacation? How you enjoyed your holidays? And why they find it so interesting that you also kite surf.
  • Consistency: Leonardo Da Vinci says - It's easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. People try to be consistent. Sometimes you will find many things are attracting you but you will be selecting something you like, you know, you trust, you value, you believe and you want. Because you are confident, once you decide you like that even though many things are there in front of you will select only the one which you know that this one will work for me. This is because you know that it is consistent. Same thing for a brand product also, if you maintain your product quality and standards consistently then people will never switch. Upgrade the product but don't change the quality and standards.

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