November 28, 2012, Issue #10

Top 25+ Tools for Twitter

Twitter is a very useful marketing tool for brands. There are thousands of tools available online for managing Twitter. Some of the most popular applications/tools are listed below.
  1. TweetDeck. One of the best desktop client for managing Twitter. It allows users to view tweets, Track Trends, Expands Photos & Videos Inline, Monitor Mentions, List Management, Activity & Interactions, Edit & RT, Downloading the updates, search by keywords and manage multiple accounts.
  2. Twitpic. It allows user to share images via Twitter. You can tag the images also.
  3. CoTweet. An enterprise level tool from Exact Target Global to engage and scale your profit. It gives an option to measure results and optimize your social media campaigns to drive ROI.
  4. Foll owerwonk. Allows users to search twitter bios, compare twitter users, analyse followers and follows. Overall this can be useful for finding your social analytics in twitter and about users who are relevant to your industry or area of expertise. You can get each page report in downloadable CSV format.
  5. Twitterfeed. Allows users to automatically post RSS feeds to Twitter, facebook, linkedin etc..
  6. Tweetmeme. Gives the best user + publisher Retweet experience, 100% accurate Retweet counts, URL Shortener Support (including BIT.LY Pro), Web, RSS, Email and Mobile support, It provides # tag support also.
  7. Twitterurly. Great tool to track the URLs which are popular and more people are talking about on Twitter.
  8. Hootsuite. Number One tool for twitter management, as with TweetDeck, users can monitor keywords, manage multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, myspace, foursquare etc.., schedule messages, Install apps plus much more. It gives another option to engage with your team and you can get your custom analytics.
  9. Social Oomph. Schedule tweets - Plan, set & forget, track keywords, Save and reuse drafts - Save hours of typing for tweets and manage followers and direct messages.
  10. Twittergrader. This a tool for ranking the power of a Twitter profile. Other tools for ranking and influence include Klout, Peer Index and Empire Avenue.
  11. TwitterCounter. A Twitter statistics site which provides stats of mentions and retweets, Compare multiple accounts and track the entire data, download in excel format. You may get customized branded reports in pdf format with graphs.
  12. The Archivist. Helps you to scan and track promotion of tweets for clear facts and stats figures, such as top popular users and most used words in the user generated content. [UGC]
  13. Qwitter. Tracks who unfollows you and sends a weekly email of unfollowers. Pro users can get updated daily email and can add notes to see which tweets were effective.
  14. Twitter Search. Twitter's official search engine that allows you to search through tweets.
  15. Dlvr.it. A tool for distributing tweets to other sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs. Estimate the real time engagement stats it's a most powerful social syndication tool anywhere. It can automatically add contextually relevant, search-friendly hashtags to every tweet.
  16. Twitterberry. A Twitter mobile client for updating Twitter on BlackBerry phones.
  17. Twitter for Wordpress. Allows bloggers to pull through tweets on to their blog or website.
  18. Tweroid. A service that improves the performance and effectiveness of your twitter posts. Indicates the best time of day to tweet by analysing 5000 tweets of your own tweets and followers' tweets. This allows you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others at optimal time.
  19. Twileshare. A free service that allows you to share files on Twitter, including images, documents, PDFs and ebooks. Each member now has a dedicated profile page showing the files they have uploaded. They have a generous 1GB storage limit, most people will never get near a full bar.
  20. Twistori. An interface that gives users to see some tweets based on keywords, such as Love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish
  21. Twittervision. An online map that allows users to see tweets around the world in real-time.
  22. Topsy. An application that gives real time insights from billions of conversations and gives an option to search Links, Tweets, Photos, Videos, Experts, Trending conversation statistics on Twitter.
  23. Bit.ly browser extensions. A URL shortening tool that allows users to customize URLs. The tool allows users to see statistics around links, including referrer information and traffic.
  24. Paper.li. Paper.li is an automated Content Marketing tool. Creates an online newspaper built from articles, blog posts and photos shared on Twitter.
  25. Visible tweets. A twitter visualisation tools that shows tweets based on keywords. Useful for displaying tweets at events or in public spaces in real-time. It is the most attractive tweet displays that offer a choice of different animation styles. There are some other tools to display tweets at live events like Twitterfall, Twitter Refresh, Visible Tweets, ParaTweet & StreamTwitter.

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