November 14, 2012, Issue #8

What must be there in Your Landing Page?

Lead generation is the biggest challenge in the current market for many organisations. Contact us page is not the best place to generate more leads. To capture leads you need to create separate page for each product and service with an attractive offer that people can't say no to it. So, how can you create a landing page which captures marketing qualified leads for you? Here is the check list that you can follow to create an outstanding landing page.

Your website visitor should be able to understand your offer within a fraction of second / blink. Yes your visitor should understand whatever you are saying within/less than 5 seconds. Because everybody is busy in their work and "Time is a Valuable Thing."

Make clear for user to understand that they are in right place for what they are looking / searching.

The Content in the landing page body should provide clear explanation about the offer and perfect "WHY?" Reason for visitor to sign up for it. While explaining about your offer make sure you are arranging the content in bullet/numbering format. It helps visitor to understand in first two or three points itself. Use relevant image and highlight important text to catch their eye attention.

If you want to convince your site visitors you can use video that explains about your product and service or offer.

Keywords & Meta Description:
Google search engine will look first at the Meta description when it lists in search results. Use 150 words meta description with relevant keywords of about 4-5 to give clear explanation about your offer. This will convince your guest to visit the landing page.

Social Friendly:
Provide social share buttons and encourage your lead who converted from visitor to share the offer. More visitors you drive to your landing page the chances of generating leads will also be more.

Form & Navigation:
The ultimate goal of creating a landing page is to make them to fill out your form. Don't distract visitors by providing other page links and navigation options in landing page.

Keep your form above the fold to get visitors attention. Don't make them to scroll. Shorter forms always make more visitors happy to fill out. Select form field carefully to easily qualify them for marketing & sales lead. To increase trust give a link to your privacy policy and ensure them you will not misuse their information.

Thank you page:
This is the page where you will guide your visitors take the next step once they submit. You will bring back the navigation here and guide visitors to go and explore the pages in your website, blog and other social media sites.

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