November 14, 2012, Issue #8

Why You should Have an Online Community for Your Business?

A big advantage of having an online community is easy of maintaining your brand reputation. Building relationship with more people gives you immense advantage to increase brand awareness and maintain online reputation of your company and brand.

You may ask Why online community? How it helps for our business?

Here is the list that you can take a look at once.
  • Your community people will get useful information and immediate help. Each can share information and communicate with each other to get help and solve problems.
  • Increase reputation and brand awareness.
  • Contributing high quality information regularly can create positive impact on group and individuals get more trust.
  • Individuals get chance to connect with each other share information and discuss about the problems.
  • Company will get a greatest advantage to provide customer service/support to every person easily.
  • Creating a forum for your company will help to discuss generally about the company, products/services, customer support and help.
  • Customers will get to know and access your resource links and how to use your services details, guides, tutorials links etc...
  • Easy to manage companies external and internal reputation, Publish information about their expertise, build awareness and create anticipation about the company's next move/product/service.
  • Perfect place to do real time consumer research; get feedback about your company, products, services and reviews.
  • Company can save money in many areas. No need to invest in surveys to analyse demography, no need to pay for product/service review sites, can easily get information about your best and worst product/service and how to improve.
  • Your community is your sales and marketing department. Yes, if a potential customer asks any question about the company fans are the first answering persons. This increase leads and sales.

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