Terms & Conditions

Company: Global Web Design SEO is the trading / business name of Digital Horizons Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 6544772 and with registered office at 1 Lyric Square, London W6 0NB.

Intellectual Property: Final renditions of designs for the website are exclusive to clients and full rights and ownership are transferred without any limitations of use. Global Web Design SEO however uses base design structures for all its designs and retains rights to use these for any further designs that may have common elements and similarity with the designs delivered.

Software Licenses: All software other than the HTML code which is used to finally present the content of the web pages in the browsers belong to Global Web Design SEO and its business partners, licensors or third party vendors and are only provided as license for use during the term of the website. This software will not be delivered or provided to clients and will be only available for use on the website during the license term. The standard license term is one year from the date when the website is delivered or made online and can be extended by mutual agreement.

Content: All content on the website including text, taglines, logos, images, photographs, tables, documents, video, audio and others except for those that are third party owned and licensed are all exclusive to the website and clent and are fully owned or licensed to the client in perpetuity. Any content that is owned by and sourced or licensed from Global Web Design SEO or third party vendors will be bound by the individual licensing terms specified.

Payments: All payments for works and services ordered from Global Web Design SEO must be fully paid for at the time of confirming the order either by Electronic Transfer, BACS, Wire Transfer or Online Payments depending on which are available for use at the time of ordering.

Refunds: Under normal circumstances all orders once confirmed and paid are not eligible for cancellation or refunds and are fully payable regardless of whether the services are used or not. However in exceptional and individual circumstances Global Web Design SEO can consider partial or full refunds if services have not been commenced or delivered or there have been deficiencies, defects or delays in the delivery of these servcies.

Limitation of Liability: Under all circumstances the total liability of Global Web Design SEO will be limited to the amounts that it has received from the client for services ordered under the specific order.

Business Losses: Global Web Design SEO will be indemnified and not held liable for any business losses, lost opportunities, marketing failures and any other damages, losses or suits by the client. In all these circumstances, the total liability of Global Web Design SEO is limited to the amounts that it has received from the client for the order.

Copyrights: Global Web Design SEO makes every attempt to only use original content, information, documents, images, videos in the website. All images and content that needs to be sourced from third party providers is fully licensed and will need to be paid for by the client. Client undertakes responsibility for the copyrights and intellectual property of the content that it provides to Global Web Design SEO and indemnifies Global Web Design SEO against any losses, damages or suits that may be applied due to violations of copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.

Force Majeure: Global Web Design SEO services are bound by Force Majeure. Global Web Design SEO will not be held liable or responsible for any delays, disruptions, losses or inability to provide services in the event of natural calamities, war, civil strife, public disruptions and any other factors that are not possible for Global Web Design SEO to control or be forewarned about.

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